Definition of karate-chop in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Strike sharply with the side of the hand.

    ‘she probably knows how to karate-chop a gun out of a man's hand’
    • ‘All at once, Alex's flat hand had made one swift karate-chop to the side of the man's face, rendering him unconscious in seconds.’
    • ‘But don't worry, Mi Ling and Cleopatra Jones take care of business in the explosive karate-chop shoot-out action finale.’
    • ‘The two-plane swing also produces great distance; the karate-chop motion of the arms is a powerful lever.’
    • ‘And the knife came down towards my head, and doing the only thing I could think of, I took my right hand and doing a little karate-chop move, the knife and his hand slid right past me and my shoulder, missing me!’
    • ‘Ayane's arm snapped out in a karate-chop that slammed into the side of Tamiya's nose.’