Definition of karate chop in English:

karate chop

(also karate-chop)

Pronunciation /kəˈrädē CHäp/ /kəˈrɑdi tʃɑp/

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  • A sharp downward blow or movement executed with the side of the hand.

    ‘Instead, during the downswing, think of making a karate chop on the ball.’
    • ‘Hollywood superhero fantasies have left the sheep believing that manly men repel knife attacks with a deft karate chop or two.’
    • ‘His head was craned back, his chin raised, and Adam's apple exposed as if for a karate chop.’
    • ‘Place a folded dish towel over the top and then give the potato a sharp karate chop with the side of your hand.’
    • ‘Herman, though, counters with a sidestep and a karate chop.’
    • ‘He can't speak Spanish, but - what the hell - everyone understands a karate chop to the throat or a kick in the balls.’
    • ‘When his arm fell beneath the canopy rail in a karate chop, we released the brakes and started the takeoff roll.’
    • ‘Punches, kicks, and the occasional karate chop were being traded all around me with very little rhyme or reason.’
    • ‘To plump a pillow, gently slap both sides, then give it a swift karate chop to the top for added definition.’
    • ‘This man raps about dealing drugs and taking people out, not roundhouse kicks and karate chops.’
    • ‘Her son, Kevin (Robert Oliveri), thinks he's cool because he could kill a guy with one karate chop.’
    • ‘When these teens are not practicing their karate chops, however, chances are they aren't sitting still.’
    • ‘He did a double karate chop.’
    • ‘The second man lunged at Caleb who swung around and caught him in the stomach with a hard punch and then a swift karate chop to the neck.’
    • ‘I approached on tiptoe, froze him with a stare, and dispatched him with a shattering karate chop. '’
    • ‘Varla dispatches Tommie with a karate chop to the spine and then drugs Linda.’
    • ‘The most compelling male character is Tim Curry as a fat cat tycoon, even though he doesn't raise a boot or a hand in a karate chop at any point.’
    • ‘I landed two karate chops to his head and one to his neck.’
    • ‘He makes a sideways karate chop with his hand, and a noise that could be interpreted as a bullet.’
    • ‘Karate kicks, karate chops, these impress referees, but they were just added when it became a sport.’

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Strike sharply with the side of the hand.

    • ‘she probably knows how to karate-chop a gun out of a man's hand’