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  • A small unsprung racing vehicle typically having four wheels and consisting of a tubular frame with a rear-mounted engine.

    ‘It covers, and/or provides links to, virtually every type of racing, from bikes to karts to Indy cars, at every level in every country.’
    • ‘When his father found an abandoned moped half-submerged in a nearby lake, retrieved the engine and then rebuilt and fitted it into the pedal kart, Michael Schumacher had his first engine to play with.’
    • ‘Brandon was a late bloomer in motorsport, starting in karts in his late teens.’
    • ‘Here's a breakdown of a kart race: karts line up in order of how they did in a qualifying round, and they tend to finish in almost exactly that same order, since it's almost impossible to pass.’
    • ‘Most of my races are over in 10 or 20 minutes in karts or formula cars.’



/kärt/ /kɑrt/


1950s shortening of go-kart.