Definition of karyolysis in English:



  • Dissolution of a cell nucleus, especially during mitosis.

    ‘Apoptosis in colonic crypt epithelial cells was measured by observing the frequency of karyorrhexis and karyolysis in 1000 cells.’
    • ‘In contrast, the treated section exhibits uniform, acute necrosis, with pyknotic nuclei, karyolysis and karyorrhexis; mild hemorrhage and significant zones of pigmented cellular debris.’
    • ‘Frequencies of nuclear abnormalities other than micronuclei, such as binucleates, karyorrhexis and karyolysis, were also evaluated.’
    • ‘Nuclear pyknosis, karyolysis and eosinophilia of the cytoplasm of the necrotic centrilobular hepatocytes, and vascular congestion have also been observed.’
    • ‘Within the epiphysis of most sections, trabecular bone is frequently hypereosinophilic, and there is karyolysis and loss of osteocytes (necrosis).’



/ˌkerēˈäləsəs/ /ˌkɛriˈɑləsəs/