Definition of karyotypic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkarēəˈtipik/


Biology Medicine

See karyotype

‘Typically, altered gene dosage caused by karyotypic abnormalities results in embryonic lethality or birth defects.’
  • ‘Macropodine marsupials (kangaroos and wallabies) offer unique insights into current theories expositing centromere emergence during karyotypic diversification and speciation.’
  • ‘In addition, various karyotypic and genetic studies have found limited amounts of change in chromosomes and DNA sequences when different species of acipenseriforms are compared.’
  • ‘Our analysis of 1170 mammalian karyotypes provides strong evidence that karyotypic evolution is driven by nonrandom segregation during female meiosis.’
  • ‘Twelve cases had complex karyotypic abnormalities, and 14 cases had a single karyotypic abnormality.’