Definition of Kashmir goat in English:

Kashmir goat


  • A goat of a Himalayan breed yielding fine, soft wool, which is used to make cashmere.

    ‘The best raw material for the creation of cashmere yarn comes from fibres extracted from Kashmir goats in the Chinese region formerly known as Inner Mongolia.’
    • ‘A surreal sight is the wild Kashmir goats that have roamed freely on the Orme since the 1890s.’
    • ‘The fine fabric known as cashmere is named after the Kashmir goats that live in the Himalayas.’
    • ‘Cashmere is the down shed annually by Kashmir goats living in the mountainous regions of Tibet and Mongolia.’
    • ‘The Kashmir goat, which is raised in the region, provides cashmere for the production of fine textiles.’


Kashmir goat

/ˈkaSHˌmir/ /ˈkæʃˌmɪr/ /ˈkaZHˌmir ɡōt/ /ˈkæʒˌmɪr ɡoʊt/