Definition of kata in English:



  • 1A system of individual training exercises for practitioners of karate and other martial arts.

    ‘Meanwhile, they are learning basic karate fundamentals and kata which improves posture and breath control.’
    • ‘In addition to matches, this system of sport aikido includes kata competition.’
    • ‘The key to understanding karate is kata, and key to understanding kata is bunkai.’
    • ‘Thus, in most styles of aikido, kata as a set of prearranged techniques is not used as the primary training method.’
    • ‘Simply put, kata is a set of prearranged choreographed judo techniques.’
    1. 1.1An individual training exercise in karate and other martial arts.
      ‘We use most of the traditional kata that span all the Japanese karate systems.’
      • ‘The number of kata, many of which have several personal variations, is quite large.’
      • ‘The Kodokan preserved the techniques of this kata from early jujutsu training methods.’
      • ‘If you learn only the names of techniques and kata, then you would cling to them and lose sight of their true meaning.’
      • ‘We must understand the essence of kata, not their outer appearance.’



/ˈkädə/ /ˈkɑdə/