Definition of katana in English:



  • A long, single-edged sword used by Japanese samurai.

    ‘Daggers en suite with wakizashis and katanas were accorded the same care in their manufacture and decoration as their companion swords.’
    • ‘Hung on the walls were swords of every kind: kodachis, katanas, fencing swords, even the heavy and antique broadswords.’
    • ‘It was a pair of matching katanas, one edged swords sheathed in rusted hold sheathing with red ribbon tied around the hilt that dangled to the side.’
    • ‘The katana became a dangerous weapon when he wielded it as fast and expertly as he did.’
    • ‘Two warriors, clad in back, holding unsheathed katanas, silently approached each other in the forest.’



/kəˈtänə/ /kəˈtɑnə/


Early 17th century Japanese.