Definition of katharevousa in English:



  • The purist form of modern Greek used in traditional literary writing, as opposed to the form that is spoken and used in everyday writing (called demotic).

    ‘He excelled as a pupil and, like the minority of his generation who received schooling, he was taught through the medium of katharevousa - the archaic pure form of the Greek language.’
    • ‘The chief problem with katharevousa was that it was an arbitrary mixture of ancient and modern features.’
    • ‘But I have been told by a Greek friend about an uncle of hers, a priest, for whom katharevousa was the natural medium of expression.’
    • ‘Although dimotiki has been the official language of Greece since 1974, many types of katharevousa are actively used, mainly in the written language.’
    • ‘All these words were formed in the 19th century by writers who were using katharevousa.’



/ˌkäTHäˈrevo͞osä/ /ˌkɑθɑˈrɛvusɑ/


Early 20th century modern Greek, literally ‘purified’, feminine of kathareuōn, present participle of Greek kathareuein ‘be pure’, from katharos ‘pure’.