Definition of katzenjammer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkatsənˌjamər/ /ˈkætsənˌdʒæmər/


  • 1US informal, dated Confusion; uproar.

    • ‘All of this criminal katzenjammer - and much, much more - was authorized at the highest levels, as top procurement brass and Pentagon officials confirmed.’
    • ‘And yet, in 1979, the man who loaned his prestigious name to this enormous katzenjammer denounced the parapsychologists for being weird.’
    • ‘The war and the next war have nothing to do with liberation or terrorism or any of that katzenjammer.’
    1. 1.1A hangover; a severe headache resulting from a hangover.
      • ‘By now, my katzenjammer had eased to the point where my head only throbbed if I made sudden movements.’
      • ‘The present invention relates to a composition for preventing and treating katzenjammers, and more particularly, to a composition comprising herb extracts for preventing and treating katzenjammers.’
      • ‘Imagine a cuisine that carries an nonpareil aroma of Portugal, covered with exotic Indian spices and soaked in the inescapable katzenjammer of Goa's favourite drink.’


Mid 19th century from German Katzen (combining form of Katze ‘cat’) + Jammer ‘distress’; popularized by the cartoon Katzenjammer Kids, drawn by Rudolf Dirks in 1897 for the New York Journal, featuring two incorrigible children.