Definition of kauri resin in English:

kauri resin

(also kauri gum)


  • The resin of the kauri tree, used as a varnish, and often also found in fossilized form where the tree formerly grew.

    ‘All we ever seemed to do was camp, fish, swim, sail, row, dig for gold, collect kauri gum and go on picnics.’
    • ‘Nearly all research on kauri gum eventually leads to descriptions and stories of the famous gum diggers.’
    • ‘Brennan's favourite room was the kauri gum room which must have housed 10,000 pieces of kauri resin at least.’
    • ‘When all the kauri gum lying on top of the ground had been collected, Maoris and Europeans began to dig up the big lumps near the surface.’
    • ‘Since kauri resin is readily soluble in butyl alcohol but not in hydrocarbon solvents, the resin solution will tolerate only a certain amount of dilution.’