Definition of kea in English:



  • A New Zealand mountain parrot with a long, narrow bill and mainly olive-green plumage.

    Nestor notabilis, family Psittacidae

    ‘All year round visitors are enchanted by the antics of New Zealand's high country parrot, the kea.’
    • ‘Beware the kea, a ten-pound mountain parrot that loves to chew and destroy all things indispensable: tents, packs, boots, and jackets.’
    • ‘New Zealand motorists have to beware a native parrot, the kea, which is just as keen on pecking off rubber windscreen wipers and window surrounds.’
    • ‘Birds as a whole feed on a wide range of foods, from fish and flesh to insects to fruits and seeds, and in the case of the New Zealand kea, occasionally sheep's blood.’
    • ‘New Zealand's kea parrots started to attack and eat sheep.’
    • ‘In winter when food is scarce, keas have been known to feed on the fatty internal organs of dead and live sheep in the high country.’
    • ‘In this area you may see the brown creeper, tomtit, robin, bellbird, rifleman, wood pigeon, falcon and kea.’
    • ‘We'll have to fend off keas from our lunch during the day and secure our packs tight at night.’
    • ‘I can tell the member that the kea badge is proudly displayed on my fridge.’
    • ‘They can also carry diseases that are a potential threat to native parrots such as kakariki and kea, he said.’



/kēə/ /kiə/


Mid 19th century from Maori, imitative of its call.