Definition of Keatsian in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkētsēən/ /ˈkitsiən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the English poet John Keats or his works.

    ‘the earliest poems express a Keatsian sensuousness’
    • ‘Perhaps the finest and most moving single poem in the book is one combining a Keatsian awareness of frailty with a surprised celebration of survival.’
    • ‘I thought my theater was training people to live with Keatsian negative capability.’
    • ‘This is almost an encyclopedia of rhetorical strategy and poetic form, from the sonnet and the Keatsian ode to concrete poetry and acrostics.’
    • ‘They use the word "swoon" to describe this moment, but that carries a suggestion of Keatsian sensuality and voluptuousness that doesn't match what we see on screen.’
    • ‘During the same years he established a medical practice in his home town of Rutherford; he was also writing bad Keatsian verse.’
    • ‘He interprets the moment of suicidal hesitation as a Keatsian yearning for transcendence through death.’


  • A student or admirer of the English poet John Keats or his works.

    ‘many Keatsians have taken notice of these differences’
    • ‘This kind of detail is immensely rewarding to Keatsians.’
    • ‘She is closest to the Harvard Keatsian when she emphasizes "process" in the odes.’
    • ‘Letters of commendation and approval were received from three notable personages but improbable Keatsians.’
    • ‘The two were deeply involved in the eccentric but influential group—all of them Keatsians.’
    • ‘The first generation of Keatsians were chiefly concerned with establishing Keats's texts and his biography.’



/ˈkētsēən/ /ˈkitsiən/