Definition of keenly in English:


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Pronunciation /ˈkēnlē/ /ˈkinli/


  • 1British In an eager or enthusiastic manner.

    ‘one of this year's most keenly anticipated movies’
    • ‘people are keenly watching the developments’
    • ‘A number of keenly anticipated art events are also on offer.’
    • ‘The film is already one of the most keenly anticipated of the Festival.’
    • ‘Collections often contained actual inscribed stones or other objects, but drawings were also keenly collected.’
    • ‘Further developments are keenly awaited.’
    • ‘French accounts of Roman history were keenly read by the Revolutionaries.’
    • ‘He eventually presented his personal collection as a gift to the university, who very keenly took on his legacy.’
    • ‘He appreciates these improvements all too keenly.’
    • ‘The American studio was keenly supporting these British films at this time.’
    • ‘The group is seeking growers keenly interested in organic seed production.’
    • ‘Individual plates are now keenly sought by collectors with small and large budgets.’
  • 2as submodifier Intensely.

    ‘they are keenly aware of the problems of their community’
    • ‘Anyone expecting a performance echoing the hilarity of his last film will be keenly disappointed.’
    • ‘His detached (apparently absent-minded) demeanor masks a keenly observant mind.’
    • ‘The actor nevertheless invests the character with a keenly felt desperation.’
    • ‘There's something keenly nostalgic in his films, tweaked here by the lead actor's melancholy presence.’
    • ‘Every drop of anger, frustration and joy is felt keenly during the film, which never seems to lag or become preachy.’
    • ‘Young Tarzan grows up among the apes, but is always keenly aware that he is different.’
    • ‘The artist sheds the limitations of style to see more keenly the beauty and promise of the landscape and to preserve its power to delight.’
    • ‘Scientists are keenly interested in learning which substances make fruits and vegetables so healthful.’
    • ‘There's no doubt that the film is dark, but it's also keenly observed and very, very funny in its own weird way.’
    • ‘The absence of these more technical sections is keenly to be regretted.’
  • 3British Cheaply; competitively.

    ‘the car is keenly priced’
    • ‘The car is keenly priced.’
    • ‘It is about selling wearable, keenly priced clothes to sophisticated, discerning consumers who want something they'll still be wearing in years to come.’
    • ‘The wines, like the food, are keenly priced.’
    • ‘Does that not show how keenly you have to price your products in order to increase your market share?’
    • ‘Some villas in holiday resorts do appear to be priced very keenly.’



/ˈkēnlē/ /ˈkinli/