Definition of keep (or lose) track of in English:

keep (or lose) track of


  • Keep (or fail to keep) fully aware of or informed about.

    ‘she had lost all track of time and had fallen asleep’
    • ‘Plus of course billing information needs to be kept track of.’
    • ‘Watching the media and keeping track of what they think is important news.’
    • ‘As you're all well aware because you kept track of us all over the place, we searched on land, we searched in lakes, we searched in rivers.’
    • ‘This easy-to-use software keeps track of all your information and organizes it by categories and key words.’
    • ‘Records archive keeps track of exactly what time and date you unlocked secrets’
    • ‘So you lose track of who's leading and who's following, and just do.’
    • ‘I have lost track of how many times I have testified on this bill, but I think this was the fifth.’
    • ‘I know the people who did it, but I have lost track of what I promised not to reveal publicly, and so will shut up for now.’
    • ‘That makes six since January, and I've lost track of how many since I started here last July.’
    • ‘Like Americans, who are well known for the super-size portions they serve at every meal, we are losing track of just how much food we consume - a problem known as ‘portion distortion’.’
    monitor, follow, keep up with, record, keep a record of
    forget about, forget, be unaware of, cease contact with, lose contact with