Definition of keep an eye out in English:

keep an eye out


(also keep an eye open)
  • Look out for something with particular attention.

    ‘ keep an eye out for his car’
    • ‘Satoshi and Makoto trudged along, keeping an eye out for trouble and watching the shadows dance on the water.’
    • ‘Oh, Lydia, would you mind keeping an eye out for that damned butler?’
    • ‘We should keep that question in mind, and keep an eye open for anything later in the dialogue that might shed light on it.’
    • ‘The Neighbourhood Watch gets residents involved in keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour and alerting police to possible law-breaking.’
    • ‘Instead, we explored the bustling boardwalks of the restored historic dockland, watching boats come and go and keeping an eye out for fur seals.’
    • ‘My parents kept an eye out for places I could play.’
    • ‘Conservation officer Rod Gow kept an eye out for the bear from close to the Three Sisters Parkway while Naylor parked near an open excavation site where the bear was last spotted.’
    • ‘‘We contacted our agents at the M1 depot in Sandiacre and they kept an eye out for the bears during their routine patrols,’ he said.’
    • ‘They wanted to do a record with us and they kept an eye out for us.’
    • ‘The couple say police have been very helpful and their neighbours have kept an eye out for the culprits but no-one has been caught.’
    be on your guard, watch out, look out, mind out, be wary, be careful, be cautious, be on the lookout, be on the alert, keep your eyes open, keep a sharp lookout, be on the qui vive