Definition of keep company with in English:

keep company with


  • 1Associate with habitually.

    ‘we don't especially care for the people he's been keeping company with’
    • ‘Ever since she moved south in 1964, aged 15, Lulu has kept company with the most famous in the land.’
    • ‘Over the years he had kept company with some legendary drinkers.’
    • ‘And I'd like to quote another one of our ancient philosophical teachings which says that good luck always keeps company with misfortune and vice versa.’
    • ‘Instead he enters the surreal nightmare of the seeping, stinking trenches on the Western front, where he keeps company with rats not birds.’
    • ‘And here she keeps company with the intellectual greats.’
    • ‘If some of their operatives were keeping company with people who were likely to create a risk for them, they would have switched that off very quickly and put a stop to it.’
    • ‘There can be more than comfort drawn from keeping company with teams whose capabilities are far from colossal.’
    • ‘He said that in the last few months he had been trying not to get into trouble and attempting to keep company with people who were not on the fringes of that sort of behaviour.’
    • ‘Ever since cameras were invented in 1839, photography has kept company with death.’
    • ‘I guess it doesn't matter now that there was a time not so long ago when she wouldn't have kept company with them on a bet.’
    1. 1.1Have a social or romantic relationship with; date.
      ‘are you keeping company with anyone special these days?’