Definition of keep count in English:

keep count


(also keep a count)
  • Take note of the number or amount of something.

    ‘you can protect yourself by keeping count of what you drink’
    • ‘Up in the sun-dappled stands, they kept count of the goals and counted down the minutes until the official celebrations could begin.’
    • ‘I haven't kept count, but my impression is that Steyn's predictions have panned out pretty regularly.’
    • ‘Don't know if anyone kept count but there must have been at least thirty people there, overcast weather notwithstanding.’
    • ‘Among the things it keeps count of are mentions of Mrs Warwick.’
    • ‘It's number 2,281, just in case you're keeping count.’
    • ‘And no one knows exactly how many hoops are broken because no one's keeping count.’
    • ‘For those keeping count, the Welshman has accumulated 23 major championship medals.’
    • ‘There are so many wins in this I can't keep count.’
    • ‘The chip will keep count of how many drinks they've had and how much of a bill they need to settle with us.’
    • ‘It is host to so many different communities that it is not always easy to keep count of the number of languages spoken on its streets.’