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keep from

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phrasal verb

  • 1keep something from someoneCause something to remain a secret from someone.

    ‘now you know what your mother tried to keep from you’
    • ‘I had no idea what he had in mind and everyone kept the secret from me.’
    • ‘He kept the secret from his family until the final show was broadcast.’
    • ‘Most teens/pre-teens spend a great deal of time keeping secrets from their parents.’
    • ‘He was her best friend, and they never kept secrets from each other.’
    • ‘Don't you think you've kept enough secrets from me?’
    • ‘They understand that shared knowledge is much more powerful than if it is kept from the larger group.’
    • ‘I told the mother the first thing in the morning, but we kept it from the children as long as we could.’
    • ‘My daughter pierced her belly button without permission and kept it from me until I discovered it by accident.’
    • ‘She's kept something from her, on purpose, because she was afraid it would change what she thinks of her.’
    • ‘Then I realized that not telling you would be the same as lying if I deliberately kept something from you.’
    keep secret, keep hidden, hide, conceal, withhold, hush up, not tell, suppress, censor, redact
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  • 2keep something from somethingCause something to stay out of something.

    ‘she could not keep the dismay from her voice’
    • ‘Dirk spoke haltingly, trying to keep the unfettered emotion from his voice.’
    • ‘Francesca nodded slowly, trying desperately to keep the laughter from her voice.’
    • ‘Em was hard pressed to keep the grin from her face as she watched him go.’
    • ‘She kept the sadness from her eyes as she answered him with a kiss.’
  • 3also keep oneself fromAvoid doing something.

    ‘Dinah bit her lips to keep from screaming’
    • ‘he could hardly keep himself from laughing’
    • ‘Avoiding the person will keep you from reinforcing the feelings you have toward them.’
    • ‘I can't recall ever actually watching a sunrise, and I guess technically I didn't see one yesterday since the rain clouds kept us from actually seeing the sun at all.’
    • ‘Health problems kept him from traveling.’
    • ‘Still, one wonders what has kept Faber from producing a paperback edition for so long.’
    • ‘If you're over 40, you remember how you thought inflation would keep you from ever finding a job.’
    • ‘It's sort of like this snorting sound - loud enough to keep us from ever sleeping again, yet quiet enough not to wake the neighborhood.’
    • ‘This process was a valuable tool in breaking through the walls that kept them from understanding themselves.’
    • ‘Parents who speak in complete sentences will have children, by and large, who will do so, especially if they are kept from watching television and motion pictures.’
    • ‘Their parents, too, reported that the children's oral health problems kept them from playing with other kids and disrupted their sleep.’
    • ‘For example, it is particularly striking that almost half of the Hispanic Spanish speakers in this study believed that the two-way program kept them from dropping out of school.’
    refrain from, stop oneself, restrain oneself from, prevent oneself from, manage not to, forbear from, resist the temptation to, forgo, avoid
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    1. 3.1keep someone from somethingCause someone to avoid doing something.
      • ‘illness kept her from coming to the restaurant’
  • 4keep someone from somethingGuard or protect someone from danger.

    • ‘his only thought is to keep the boy from harm’
    preserve, protect, keep safe, afford protection to, guard, shield, shelter, save, safeguard, secure, defend
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