Definition of keep one's feet in English:

keep one's feet


  • Manage not to fall.

    ‘on the planked railroad crossing she stumbled, but kept her feet’
    • ‘Unable to keep his feet, he fell backward, into the icy cold water of the bay.’
    • ‘He managed to keep his feet for a few seconds, then tumbled forward into the dirt.’
    • ‘She almost tripped over herself, but managed to keep her feet.’
    • ‘Jessie managed to keep her feet and offered him a hand back up.’
    • ‘A few of the players were not keeping their feet, but it was better once we got used to it.’
    • ‘It's hard enough to keep your feet with only a pack and a rifle on your back.’
    • ‘Players were finding it very hard to keep their feet.’
    • ‘Outside the harbor, the waves were high enough that we had to grip the bowlines to keep our feet.’
    • ‘He can take on two or three people and, when you think he's going to lose balance, somehow keep his feet and beat the goalkeeper.’
    • ‘I kept my feet and met her straight on as she came at me.’