Definition of keep one's head down in English:

keep one's head down


  • Remain inconspicuous in difficult or dangerous times.

    ‘he was in deep trouble and all his instincts told him to keep his head down’
    • ‘It is difficult but you've just got to keep your head down, work hard and hope that things come right.’
    • ‘You kept your head down and you never challenged your political betters.’
    • ‘You kept your head down, did your work and made sure you were ready for when the call came.’
    • ‘And that's why I am successful, because I kept my head down and made sure things got done.’
    • ‘But I kept my head down, played straight into the wind and finished with eight straight pars.’
    • ‘‘I've intentionally kept my head down as it would be too easy to be seen as a spoilt brat,’ he replies in a tone that combines nervousness and natural self-deprecation.’
    • ‘This would have been noted and maybe efforts would have been made to find out why I was so miserable, but no one cared, I never caused any trouble and if I did my work and kept my head down, the teachers barely noticed or cared if I was there.’
    • ‘You've got to be pretty lucky to get to the final, but I kept my head down and was polite to the other players so they didn't stitch me up.’
    • ‘I kept quiet and kept my head down, but now it's fine and people have started accepting me.’
    • ‘However, like any gracious Cork man I have kept my head down and taken the banter like a man.’