Definition of keep one's mouth shut in English:

keep one's mouth shut

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  • Not say anything, especially not reveal a secret.

    • ‘would he keep his mouth shut under interrogation?’
    • ‘He didn't want to say anything, so he kept his mouth shut.’
    • ‘Don't sign anything, keep your mouth shut, and remember that we never had this conversation.’
    • ‘You kept your mouth shut or you were killed.’
    • ‘If I had kept my mouth shut then I would probably not have had all this hassle.’
    • ‘I kept my mouth shut on the advice of my attorneys.’
    • ‘I now regret the entire business and wish I'd kept my mouth shut.’
    • ‘I've kept my mouth shut through all of this stuff.’
    • ‘I could have kept my mouth shut but I felt I needed to speak out.’
    • ‘I've kept my mouth shut about this until now, as it's not very pleasant.’
    • ‘I have respect for someone that gets caught and keeps his mouth shut.’
    say nothing, keep quiet, not breathe a word, not tell a soul, not give the game away, keep it under one's hat
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