Definition of keep one's options open in English:

keep one's options open


(also leave one's options open)
  • Not commit oneself.

    ‘he aims to keep his options open by also trying for the export market’
    • ‘I think both have left their options open, but neither knows what to do.’
    • ‘He was leaving his options open by acting as if he were going to run.’
    • ‘Maybe if you were in a different profession you could, so you leave your options open, which is what I do.’
    • ‘Already, both old and new towns are part of their way of thinking, and by keeping their options open, they can have the best of both worlds, enjoying the convenience of the modern world, while keeping one foot firmly in their glorious past.’
    • ‘They were keeping their options open and the long term plan would be to provide a library adjoining the College House property.’
    • ‘In terms of future projects, both are keeping their options open.’
    • ‘That being said, we're keeping our options open.’
    • ‘Nothing's cast in stone and we're keeping our options open.’
    • ‘I've said my future might lie elsewhere but I'm keeping my options open.’
    • ‘If, like me, you're looking for that special someone, it's always good to keep your options open.’