Definition of keep one's own counsel in English:

keep one's own counsel


  • Say nothing about what one believes, knows, or plans.

    ‘she doubted what he said but kept her own counsel’
    • ‘Those without mistresses kept their own counsel.’
    • ‘‘I have kept my own counsel but we know what we would do,’ he told the BBC last week.’
    • ‘Equally, I have kept my own counsel on promises that weren't kept to me at my first three clubs.’
    • ‘He kept his own counsel, did not appear to let the speculation affect him in any way and, ultimately, secured his dream move to Liverpool.’
    • ‘He kept his own counsel as an artist and, sitting at his work clad in a distinctive tweed suit, he largely ignored the enthusiastic audiences that would gather to watch him paint.’
    • ‘Taunted by the Prime Minister on the one hand, and assailed by the left of his own party on the other, he has so far kept his own counsel.’
    • ‘My father should have been happier, and perhaps he was; he kept his own counsel about happiness.’
    • ‘Since he left the government in 2003 he has kept his own counsel, but was obviously unhappy about his treatment by his protégé.’
    • ‘He is a contradiction: he makes grand, philosophical speeches, but keeps his own counsel.’
    • ‘There is, after all, something to be said for keeping one's own counsel.’