Definition of keep one's word in English:

keep one's word


  • Do what one has promised.

    ‘you know that I always keep my word’
    • ‘Carole found out what was going on and almost left him, but Merritt promised to quit and kept his word after the Vegas fight.’
    • ‘It's just about keeping your word and not promising more than you can do.’
    • ‘They're just saying you're a low swine who'd rather play word games than keep your word.’
    • ‘They always kept their word and I never had any problems throughout the shoot or afterwards when the film was shown in public.’
    • ‘Always keep your word with children, in punishments as well as in rewards.’
    • ‘They haven't kept their word on their ethical policy, he said.’
    • ‘‘We impressed on the children not to leave litter behind and they kept their word,’ one of the escorts said.’
    • ‘The strange thing about this is that, with all the great promises of positive stories, we can count on one hand the very few that have kept their word.’
    • ‘I'm sure our leaders fought for this and kept their word to us the troops even in time of war.’
    • ‘We've kept our word to display the vision around Christmas.’