Definition of keep out in English:

keep out

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phrasal verb

  • Remain outside.

    ‘if a sign says a track is closed, please keep out’
    • ‘Do we (the paying spectator) have to pay for yet another fence to keep us out of an area that we previously had access to?’
    • ‘When the gang threatened to park their caravans in the car park until they were paid, Mr Coates and members of the church put up a fence to keep them out.’
    • ‘Even the parts that are fenced don't keep them out all the time.’
    • ‘He was a motorbiking enthusiast who kept a Rottweiler and had erected barbed wire around part of his garden fence to keep intruders out.’
    • ‘We had the doors open most of the day, with mesh screens to keep the bugs out and the cats in.’
    • ‘Now the nursery needs to find funding for a new metal fence to keep the thugs out.’
    • ‘Screening windows and doors helps keep flies out of milk barns, pig parlors and homes.’
    • ‘A fence keeps people out, but you can still see the massive shell of the tree, and imagine its beauty, from the road.’
    • ‘Screens are good for keeping the bugs out, but they won't protect your kids.’
    • ‘They also use screening and filtration to keep insects out of rooms and sticky strips to catch those that do get in.’