Definition of keep pace with in English:

keep pace with


  • Move, develop, or progress at the same speed as.

    ‘fees have had to be raised a little to keep pace with inflation’
    • ‘Our raises are not keeping pace with inflation.’
    • ‘They say the law needs to keep pace with two big changes in the marketplace.’
    • ‘Lialah followed quickly, keeping pace with the old man, she had not said a word yet she would follow him to the dining hall.’
    • ‘However, the speed of implementation progress has not kept pace with recent years and with other countries.’
    • ‘She got out, still carrying her pack and followed him into the diner, her shorter legs moving almost at a run to keep pace with his long lazy strides.’
    • ‘Grant aid per student, though, has not kept pace with the rate of tuition increases.’
    • ‘Britain's biggest mortgage lender Halifax said the rate at which homes were being built had failed to keep pace with demand.’
    • ‘But that success will be threatened, unless we ensure that the pace of infrastructural development keeps pace with the growth in business activity.’
    • ‘Between 1870 and 1915 public and professional employment kept pace with the rate of population increase, but no more.’
    • ‘If your nest egg is significant, a portfolio growth rate that keeps pace with inflation may be sufficient.’