Definition of keep someone dangling in English:

keep someone dangling


  • Keep someone in an uncertain position.

    ‘he was kept dangling—offered a place in the team and then dropped’
    • ‘Instead of working to build a stable, loving, fun and well-rounded relationship, he's keeping you dangling.’
    • ‘I keep you dangling between belief and disbelief by turns, and I don't mind admitting that I have a reason for it.’
    • ‘That would be the healthiest thing to do for all involved - no need to force Martin to make a decision, and no need to keep Kathy dangling in hopes of a possible relationship.’
    • ‘It need not diminish our respect for him because he was kept dangling two years in England by suggestions of another appointment.’
    • ‘A Russian mission in Cairo is keeping him dangling over how much responsibility they are willing to assume in building the Aswan High Dam.’