Definition of keep someone posted in English:

keep someone posted

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  • Keep someone informed of the latest developments or news.

    ‘I'll keep you posted on his progress’
    • ‘Thank God the networks are keeping us posted on groundbreaking news, I thought.’
    • ‘And we'll keep you posted on all developments as they come in.’
    • ‘We wish the lads the very best and we'll keep you posted on developments.’
    • ‘If there are computers there, I'll keep you posted with news of my high jinks and frolics.’
    • ‘I hadn't seen Richard since Terry's wedding, but my friends had kept me posted on all the news that went on while I was gone.’
    • ‘We'll keep you posted on the latest news and thanks for your support!’
    • ‘It has come about as a result of continually talking to clients and keeping them posted as events developed.’
    • ‘If there's any more news on that I'll keep you posted.’
    • ‘We'll keep you posted on any possible additional developments.’
    • ‘I shall keep you posted if I hear of any interesting developments.’
    keep informed, inform, keep up to date, keep in the picture, keep briefed, brief, give someone the latest information, update, fill in, let someone know, advise, notify, apprise, report to
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