Definition of keep someone up in English:

keep someone up

phrasal verb

  • Prevent someone from going to bed or to sleep.

    ‘the drugs kept her up all night hallucinating’
    • ‘My mom says I slept all day and kept her up at nights.’
    • ‘Try as I might, once again the noise kept me up and I couldn't sleep.’
    • ‘I can't even remember all the classes I slept through because you kept me up all night.’
    • ‘Thoughts like these kept Deirdre up most of the night, and she got little sleep.’
    • ‘The fact is, some foods promote sleep, while others are bound to keep you up at night.’
    • ‘So, are you planning to get some sleep, or are you planning to keep me up?’
    • ‘What kept you up so late, I thought you were coming to bed?’
    • ‘He kept us up until well past 4am with hilarious stories of an actor's life.’
    • ‘It was painful enough last week that I had to call in a sick day as the pain kept me up most of the night.’
    • ‘It keeps you up for days, takes away all inhibitions and is as addictive if not more so than heroin.’