Definition of keep something to oneself in English:

keep something to oneself


  • Refuse to disclose or share something.

    ‘he was determined to keep the information to himself’
    • ‘Rachael kept the dream to herself and never shared it with anyone.’
    • ‘Until recently, the common practice of governments was still to keep all information to themselves.’
    • ‘I think our intelligence officers have the information but they keep it to themselves.’
    • ‘If it is a view shared by staff and players, they are keeping it to themselves.’
    • ‘She was pregnant, but kept the information to herself.’
    • ‘She kept it to herself, because it was too hard to share.’
    • ‘Often we artists are a solitary lot, preferring to keep our work to ourselves until we deem it fit for sharing.’
    • ‘If they had troubles, they kept them to themselves, setting a pattern for the rest of their lives.’
    • ‘If he had negative opinions, he usually kept them to himself.’
    • ‘He kept his disappointments to himself, a quiet murmur of disapproval usually being as far as it went.’