Definition of keep something up in English:

keep something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Maintain or preserve something in the existing state; continue a course of action.

    ‘keep up the good work’
    • ‘So as long as this egoistic propaganda is kept up, India will continue to get the better of any encounters in the battlefield.’
    • ‘I didn't really keep it up continuously, but practiced occasionally in college.’
    • ‘As a result I'm spending about £10 a week less than I was and I intend to keep it up.’
    • ‘How long were you planning on keeping this childish play up?’
    • ‘Articles like yours allow me to maintain faith in the American people - keep it up and may your voice get louder and louder!’
    • ‘I was happy with the hunger we showed and I felt that if we kept it up we were in with a chance.’
    • ‘If it was just an act, how could anyone have kept it up so convincingly for more than 20 years, without giving a glimpse of something intelligent underneath.’
    • ‘I kept it up for a few years, until I was twelve or so, and then I gave it up on my own.’
    • ‘I've been slowly working up to getting up earlier (I had been getting up around 11 a.m.) and have kept it up most of the week.’
    • ‘She gets top marks in every class and I know she will have a bright future if she keeps this up.’
    continue, keep on with, continue with, go on with, carry on with, persist with, persevere with
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    1. 1.1Keep something in an efficient or proper state.
      ‘the new owners could not afford to keep up the grounds’
      • ‘I've thought that the ugly house was the home of someone old and ill, someone who couldn't afford to keep it up, someone whose entire life was confined to one small room upstairs.’
      • ‘There is generally a tighter management of the properties because Mum and Dad say, ‘You keep it up or the rents goes up’.’’
      • ‘My father-in-law has become quite ill and it's becoming increasingly difficult for my mother-in-law to keep up the house.’
      • ‘We still can use volunteers to help keep up the garden.’
      • ‘Volunteers help keep up the park through the seasons.’
    2. 1.2Make something remain at a high level.
      ‘he was whistling to keep up his spirits’
      • ‘With cases of vomiting there is a risk of dehydration among children, so parents should make sure fluid levels are kept up.’
      • ‘It is all done with a flowing pace that keeps the interest level up, managing to be both educational and entertaining.’
      • ‘Well, I'm older, and so I have to keep the energy level up.’
      • ‘She would tell me to pull myself together and kept my spirits up.’
      • ‘We kept her spirits up and she has shown tremendous courage and determination.’
      • ‘‘I am feeling better every day, and all the good wishes of the many who have written have certainly kept my spirits up,’ she said.’
      • ‘All of the support helps to keep their morale up.’
      • ‘Catherine said: ‘It was pretty hard but luckily I had a lot of people who supported me and got me through and kept my confidence up.’’
      • ‘We've got to show support for these young children to keep their enthusiasm up to become professional players.’
      • ‘The Consumers Association has been supportive of our moves to try and keep standards up.’