Definition of keep something warm for someone in English:

keep something warm for someone


  • Hold or occupy a place or post until another person is ready to do so.

    ‘I'm heading your way in January, so keep a place warm for me.’
    • ‘He brought me into the job, so I wouldn't sit here and keep his seat warm for somebody else.’
    • ‘I'll keep the bed warm for you if you want to come find out why.’
    • ‘It's just the furnace room, something has to keep this place warm for you.’
    • ‘All I was going to ask was that you keep a spot warm for me here.’
    • ‘Tell the waiter to keep a table warm for me, ok?’
    • ‘The Cubs let last year's second baseman Eric Young depart in the hopes that journeyman Delino DeShields could keep the position warm for Hill.’
    • ‘For what it is worth, Orton did look pretty good as the champion, but he did just keep the championship belt warm for the old pro while he was doing his movie business.’
    • ‘This is not to say that Smith will merely keep the job warm for Palmer to take it over next year.’
    • ‘But Brown, who was then recovering from knee surgery, has a chance to regain his starting spot - even if it is only to keep it warm for another person.’