Definition of keep step in English:

keep step


  • Remain walking, marching, or dancing in step.

    ‘they marched up and down the parade ground, keeping step with the regimental band’
    • ‘I started to speed up my step as well and Ben in turn tried to keep step with me.’
    • ‘He may be tall and a little lanky and have a propensity to put his foot in it but when it comes to keeping step on a fast paced political dance floor, Bobby didn't miss a beat.’
    • ‘We have to change the interpretation of the rules to keep step with market forces.’
    • ‘And if a company's biggest threat is keeping step with competitors and getting a product to market within six months, then spending money on disaster recovery might even be an imprudent use of resources.’
    • ‘And he definitely didn't notice the figure keeping step with him, watching him curiously.’
    • ‘However, Jude had an infuriating way of keeping step with her.’
    • ‘Weak as my limbs were I managed to keep step with Nick, though I believe he purposely slowed his pace to accommodate me.’
    • ‘With the regimentation of battle tactics and the increasing importance of the need to keep step, drummers became an essential part of European armies.’
    • ‘Trade in bulk goods will tend to keep step with the boundaries of military-political interaction, but luxury trade can easily outpace them.’
    • ‘What's more, the tomography must be able to keep step with the production cycle.’