Definition of keep time in English:

keep time


  • Play or rhythmically accompany music in time.

    ‘While busy having fun singing the songs and acting out the motions, a child is subconsciously acquiring a vocabulary of rhythms and melodies and developing the ability to sing in pitch and keep time with the music.’
    • ‘Nanu's feet kept time to the music and the bells strapped to his ankles chimed softly.’
    • ‘However, at most music shows these days, organisers and security personnel don't seem to mind exuberant youngsters climbing onto their chairs, just to wave and sway, keeping time to the music.’
    • ‘A simple man, clothed if not in rags then certainly not far from it, he tramps his way along the street, feet keeping time to the music, intent on his playing.’
    • ‘She was forcing herself to move, forcing herself to keep time with the music.’
    • ‘Colored dots scroll across your screen and tell you which bongo to hit to keep time with the music.’
    • ‘An eerie synth dances with reverb-heavy guitar, while a simplistic, cool bass line keeps time with a snare.’
    • ‘The side drum was introduced by Swiss and German mercenaries shortly before 1500 as a military instrument for keeping time on the march.’
    • ‘Christy listened as he pounded out the difficult riff, keeping good time and only slipping once.’
    • ‘Well, the bass is a very functional instrument and it keeps good time.’