Definition of Kelper in English:



  • A native or inhabitant of the Falkland Islands.

    • ‘like many of the 3,000 other Kelpers, he is a descendant of 19th-century British immigrants’
    • ‘Kelpers receive random telephone calls from the mainland in the night.’
    • ‘But if there is an oil bonanza, will Kelpers simply sit back and watch the money roll in, as their old way of life disintegrates?’
    • ‘He headed the Falklands Islands Association and the UK Falklands Islands Committee, agitating on behalf of his Kelpers until 1988.’
    • ‘Secure in their home, the islanders, known as Kelpers, are getting on with making money.’
    • ‘Seven generations of Kelpers have made their homes on the remote, wind-swept islands.’



/ˈkelpər/ /ˈkɛlpər/


1960s from kelp + -er (from the abundance of kelp found on the shores of the islands).