Definition of kelpfish in English:


nounplural noun kelpfish, plural noun kelpfishes

  • Any of a number of fish that live among kelp or other marine algae.

    a small fish with the dorsal fin running the length of the body, of the Pacific coast of North America (Gibbonsia and other genera, family Clinidae)
    an Australian fish that lives among seagrass and algae (family Chironemidae: several genera)

    ‘Little blennies popped in and out of holes, and eastern kelpfish and stinky groupers were much in evidence.’
    • ‘Most are small fish, measuring as little as 5 cm, but Heterostichus rostratus, or giant kelpfish, can reach 60 cm.’
    • ‘Kelpfish use their colour and acting skills to blend in with the leaves of kelp.’
    • ‘Individual kelpfish can even change colors to match changes in the colors around them.’
    • ‘There are four other species of Kelpfish in our seas belonging to the genus Gibbonsia.’



/ˈkelpˌfiSH/ /ˈkɛlpˌfɪʃ/