Definition of Kelvin scale in English:

Kelvin scale


  • A scale of temperature with absolute zero as zero, and the triple point of water as exactly 273.16 degrees.

    • ‘In fact, to quash all doubts, zero on the Kelvin scale is dubbed absolute zero.’
    • ‘The third law of thermodynamics states that for a perfect crystal at a temperature of absolute zero on the Kelvin scale the entropy value is zero.’
    • ‘The zero point on the Kelvin scale is known as absolute zero and it is theoretically the coldest temperature achievable.’
    • ‘On the Kelvin scale, the freezing point of water is 273.15 K and the boiling point is 373.15 K.’
    • ‘This scale, known as the Kelvin scale, has the same intervals as the Celsius scale.’