Definition of kenaf in English:



  • 1A tropical plant of the mallow family that yields a fiber similar to jute.

    Hibiscus cannabinus, family Malvaceae

    ‘Hemp and other fiber-producing plants as kenaf and sawgrass are currently being investigated as potential building products.’
    • ‘Southern pine trees can take years to reach harvestable size, while kenaf reaches a mature height of 12 to 118 feet over its five-month growing season.’
    • ‘The answer to our problems is not more mechanized farming to grow kenaf or hemp.’
    • ‘Hemp is an extremely versatile product with a long history, and like kenaf has been cultivated since ancient times.’
    • ‘U.S. farmers could plant kenaf in place of corn, soybeans, cotton, or rice.’
    1. 1.1The brown fiber of the kenaf plant, used to make paper, ropes, and coarse cloth.
      ‘Many large companies are using kenaf and kenaf / wood blends for annual reports as a way of greening up operations, but it's still a struggle to establish a market for non-wood paper.’
      • ‘Beyond agricultural waste, hemp, kenaf and other well-known fibers, there are a host of other raw materials that show considerable promise as non-wood resources.’
      • ‘Both hemp and kenaf offer excellent possibilities for use as a virgin fiber replacement in newsprint, which tends to carry a high recycled content.’
      • ‘TCF paper can have no recycled content, and so is made from 100 percent virgin fibers, which can include both wood as well as other fibers such as kenaf and hemp.’
      • ‘In Japan, commercial products made from kenaf include hamburger wrappers, fast-food containers, and wallpaper.’



/kəˈnaf/ /kəˈnæf/


Late 19th century from Persian, variant of kanab ‘hemp’.