Definition of kenotic in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈnätik/


See kenosis

‘If, at the same time, we understand divine judgment as kenotic and eschatological, we will be driven to deny that anything we understand by judgment might represent it.’
  • ‘The divine judgment is unexpected, kenotic, eschatological, and apophatically affirmed and denied.’
  • ‘This in no way means that God is powerless, as some critics of kenotic theology have complained.’
  • ‘Another scene from John's Gospel fills out the pattern of this kenotic judgment, wherein the judge judges by vacating the judgment seat to another and by assuming the role of the accused.’
  • ‘The main difficulty with this basic version of the kenotic view is that it entails that a thing can lay aside properties essential for its being a member of a certain kind and still remain a member of that kind.’