Definition of Kentuckian in English:


Pronunciation /kenˈtəkiən/ /kɛnˈtəkɪən/

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  • Relating to or characteristic of the US state of Kentucky or its inhabitants.

    ‘a Kentuckian airline pilot’
    • ‘For all his arrogant protestations and provocations, he was an old-style Kentuckian boy.’
    • ‘Having released his fourth studio album in September, the Kentuckian virtuoso continues to redefine the role of the cello in contemporary music.’
    • ‘He speaks with the drawl of southern Indiana — an accent which is more Kentuckian than Middle-Western.’
    • ‘Their dining room is the home for traditional Kentuckian food.’
    • ‘Andrew is a Kentuckian musician with a passion for experimentation.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the US state of Kentucky.

    ‘a Kentuckian who grew up going to the Derby’
    • ‘Anne was born in 1924, a seventh generation Kentuckian; her great-great - great-great-great-grandmother had arrived with Daniel Boone.’
    • ‘A native Kentuckian, she was well known for her philanthropic endeavors.’
    • ‘Kentucky is famous for its bourbon whiskey, but even most Kentuckians don't know that bourbon is the invention of a Baptist minister.’
    • ‘November 2 brought reports of a record turnout at the polls, almost 1.8 million Kentuckians.’
    • ‘We're offering proud western Kentuckians three alternatives to get involved.’