Definition of kepi in English:


nounplural noun kepis

  • A French military cap with a flat top and horizontal brim.

    ‘Mackenzie stares out of his portrait beneath a military kepi and above a flourishing hedgerow of beard, a hybrid of fiery Highland chieftain and determined Victorian philanthropist.’
    • ‘All that was missing were legionnaires in blue tunics and white kepis, with blancoed webbing straps attaching grey army blankets to their backs as they drilled under the Saharan sun.’
    • ‘He furnished his security guards with French-style uniforms complete with capes and kepis.’
    • ‘A couple of hours north is the tiny state of Pondicherry, a French territory until 1950, complete with a Hôtel de Ville, gendarmes in red kepis, and croissants for breakfast.’
    • ‘Bennett rises and gives Clinton a slight bow, lightly touching his hand to the brim of his kepi.’
    • ‘He rose and placed his kepi on his head before striding out into the middle of the parade ground.’
    • ‘The hat should also have a back flap something like the Foreign Legion kepi.’



/ˈkāpē/ /ˈkeɪpi/ /ˈkepē/ /ˈkɛpi/


Mid 19th century from French képi, from Swiss German Käppi, diminutive of Kappe ‘cap’.