Definition of Keplerian in English:


Pronunciation /keˈplerēən/ /kɛˈplɛriən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the German astronomer Johannes Kepler or his works.

    ‘the accuracy of Keplerian orbital data’
    • ‘The motion of an object falling through a bottomless pit is harmonic, not Keplerian.’
    • ‘Keplerian beam expanders produce a real focus between the input and output lenses.’
    • ‘Having a Keplerian system makes the problem more tractable, and less prone to model-dependent uncertainties.’
    • ‘Satellites normally orbit planets in Keplerian orbits, named after Johannes Kepler, who wrote the mathematical equations that describe how satellites move.’
    • ‘This consisted of two convex lenses, in the form of telescope known as Keplerian.’
    • ‘In the modern Tychonian system, Keplerian and Newtonian principles are maintained, as in the heliocentric theory.’
    • ‘The Ptolemaic theory was well and truly gone, and the Keplerian version of heliocentrism was well and truly established.’



/keˈplerēən/ /kɛˈplɛriən/