Definition of keratinize in English:


(British keratinise)

Pronunciation /ˈkerətnˌīz/ /ˈkɛrətnˌaɪz/


  • Change or become changed into a form containing keratin.

    with object ‘the products of the epidermal line are ultimately keratinized’
    no object ‘the cells keratinize under estrogenic action’
    • ‘Tumors that arise distally below the dentate line are typically keratinizing squamous cell cancers.’
    • ‘Earliest changes in the hair follicle occur when the follicular canal becomes blocked with abnormally keratinized desquamating cells.’
    • ‘The stratum corneum, the top layer, is composed of dead keratinized cells.’
    • ‘When oestrogen levels are high the epithelial cells become keratinized or cornified, an effect reversed by progesterone.’
    • ‘Amphibian skin thus appears to have limited options for waterproofing, because it is thin, poorly keratinized, and therefore supple.’


Late 19th century from Greek keratinos ‘horny’+ -ize.



/ˈkerətnˌīz/ /ˈkɛrətnˌaɪz/