Definition of Keres in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkārās/ /ˈkeɪreɪs/

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  • 1A member of a Pueblo people inhabiting parts of New Mexico.

  • 2The language of the Keres, of unknown affinity.

    ‘There are a multitude of reasons why the young men & women turning twenty-one this year are far less fluent in Keres than the twenty-one year olds of twenty-five years ago.’
    • ‘Many of Lucero's students through the years have primarily spoken English, while most of the older people were fluent in their native language of Keres.’


  • Relating to the Keres or their language.

    ‘Here, as she does on many other occasions, Silko employs italics to introduce some background information about the traditions of the Keres people (their food and dances), as well as about coyote language.’
    • ‘As with Tiwa, Tewa and Towa, there is some disagreement among the Keres people as to whether Keres should be a written language or not.’
    • ‘Balance and harmony are two primary assumptions of the Keres people who inhabit the Laguna and Acoma Pueblos of New Mexico.’
    • ‘Following the ceremony, Johnson said that it's not just the youth that don't speak the language, there are also some grandparents who no longer speak the Laguna Keres language.’


From American Spanish Queres, from a North American Indian language.