Definition of kerf in English:



  • 1A slit made by cutting with a saw.

    ‘I cut a series of kerfs in the notch area and knocked out the waste with a chisel and mallet.’
    • ‘First, a notch or kerf is cut using a laser or another diamond.’
    • ‘What is needed is a power handsaw that can cut a kerf immediately adjacent to a corner juncture defined by a horizontal surface and a vertical surface.’
    • ‘Simply place the clip end into the kerf in your apron and screw the other end to your table top.’
    • ‘As the land rose, the rushing Colorado cut down through it, just as a rotary saw blade cuts a narrow kerf into a log that is being lifted up into a sawmill.’
    • ‘Next, cut a series of closely spaced saw kerfs across the boards.’
    • ‘The set, or alternating tilt of each tooth, cuts a kerf that is wider than the thickness of the blade.’
    • ‘A metal blade is set in the kerf and this is tapped to split the stone.’
  • 2The cut end of a felled tree.





Old English cyrf ‘cutting, a cut’, of West Germanic origin; related to carve.