Definition of kermes oak in English:

kermes oak


  • A very small evergreen Mediterranean oak which sometimes remains as a shrub. It has prickly leaves and was formerly prized as a host plant for kermes insects.

    Quercus coccifera, family Fagaceae

    ‘It is made from the dried, pulverized bodies of a scale insect, Coccus ilicis, which is a parasite on an ilex oak, the kermes oak.’
    • ‘In Bulgaria the Kermes oak is found in the Strouma valley, to the south of the Kresna gorge as well as in the southern part of Mesta valley.’


kermes oak

/ˈkermēz/ /ˈkɛrmiz/ /ˈkerməs ōk/ /ˈkɛrməs oʊk/