Definition of kerria in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkerēə/ /ˈkɛriə/


  • An eastern Asian shrub of the rose family, cultivated for its yellow flowers, especially the double-flowered variety.

    Kerria japonica, family Rosaceae

    • ‘This is cheap and easy to do with specimens such as berberis, buddleia, cornus, kerria, philadelphus, spirea and willow.’
    • ‘Imagine the envious looks on neighbors faces as the first burst of bulbs, primrose, and pulmonaria gives way to a riot of color as your azaleas and rhodies harmonize with kerria and viburnums.’
    • ‘When we moved to a bedraggled wood 10 years ago, we were greeted the following spring by the exuberant golden blossoms of kerria.’
    • ‘I recommend this sometimes as an alternative to forsythia, because the flowering effect is similar, but kerria is a much nicer looking shrub after it flowers than forsythia, which tends to look ragged and weedy.’
    • ‘Just about the time I was shopping for plants for my front garden, the local garden shop offered the yellow, double-flowered Kerria in pots small enough to interest me.’


Early 19th century modern Latin, named after William Ker(r) (died 1814), English botanical collector.



/ˈkerēə/ /ˈkɛriə/