Definition of ketene in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkētēn/ /ˈkitin/


  • 1Chemistry
    A pungent colorless reactive gas, used as an intermediate in chemical synthesis.

    Chemical formula: C₂H₂O

    • ‘The structure of the collagen in the tissue may partially mask some of the available nucleophilic amine sites, whereas water may compete with the amines for the reactive ketene amide intermediate.’
    • ‘In addition, we showed that a novel, light-activated DAP derivative could, on photolysis, chemically cross-link tissue through the reactions of the ketene intermediate.’
    • ‘It was reasoned that the free amino groups on lysine and hydroxylysine, known to be present in Type-I collagen, served as the primary nucleophilic sites for the ketene amide intermediate.’
    1. 1.1A substituted derivative of ketene.


Early 20th century from ketone+ -ene.



/ˈkētēn/ /ˈkitin/