Definition of kettle hole in English:

kettle hole


  • A hollow, typically filled by a lake, resulting from the melting of a mass of ice trapped in glacial deposits.

    ‘The land includes a kettle hole, which will be utilized as a wetlands habitat for native plants and animals as well as an area to contain and clean storm runoff from the building's roof and parking areas.’
    • ‘I am rubbish at sport, science and geography - although I can draw an excellent diagram of a kettle hole.’
    • ‘Only 800m west of the Pool there is another kettle hole, but this one was not turned into a mere but filled with gravel, peat and clay.’
    • ‘For the last two summer vacations, every day I would head out in the morning to explore kettle holes, would find two or three small sites and would come home satisfied.’
    • ‘The form and stratigraphy of an oval peat-filled area north of Wolverhampton is investigated and interpreted as the filling of a kettle-hole formed during the retreat of the Irish Sea glacier.’


kettle hole

/ˈkedl hōl/ /ˈkɛdl hoʊl/